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Rządowy Fundusz Inwestycji Lokalnych
The Świętokrzyskie In-Service Teacher Training Centre
42 Marsz. J. Piłsudskiego Street
25-431 Kielce
tel. +48 41 362 448
fax +48 41 3624899

The Świętokrzyskie In-Service Teacher Training Centre is a public, accredited (since 2006), in-service teacher training institution carrying out its statutory goals at regional level.

The Self-Government of the Świętokrzyskie Region – Marshall Office provides funds for the Centre and the Chief Educational Officer of the Region holds the pedagogical supervision. Located in Kielce, the Centre also makes use of modern conference premises at Wólka Milanowska situated in the heart of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains.

The mission of the Centre is to support the professional development of teachers and education personnel as well as organizational advancement of educational institutions in achieving quality.

The realization of the mission is based on current educational priorities of the state and the region, the educational needs and requirements of the community, current directions and trends in educational research and theories.

Our offer is aimed at:

  • teachers,
  • school principals,
  • pedagogical supervisors,
  • local government education officers,
  • methodology advisors.

Our offer includes:

  • qualifying courses,
  • in-service training courses and workshops,
  • conferences, seminars, competitions,
  • educational forum,
  • self-help groups of teachers,
  • network and support groups,
  • individual and group consultations,
  • regional, national and international projects.

We provide:

  • well-qualified staff,
  • professional approach,
  • high quality services,
  • up-to-date course content,
  • state-of-the-art teaching aids.

We cooperate with the following institutions and organizations:

  • the Świętokrzyskie Marshall Office,
  • The Regional Education Board in Kielce,
  • Polish and foreign teacher training institutions,
  • Polish and foreign universities,
  • non-governmental organizations,
  • culture centres,
  • publishing houses.

We value international cooperation so we host study visits and participate in them.

We publish an educational journal 'Inspiracje' addressed to education officers, teachers, school principals and everyone interested in education. The journal provides information on current changes in the field of education, state education policy, educational institutions, educational innovations, examples of good practice at schools, outstanding teachers and their achievements.

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